Raising Funds for Flood Victims in Central Vietnam

#SJVRC has contributed $6000 for Emergency Supplies to one of the heavy hit area in Thôn Bình Minh, xã Dương Thuỷ huyện Lệ Thuỷ , Quảng Bình Central Vietnam! Thank you Nguyễn Bình Nam and Your team for doing an excellent job on the ground for the last 10 days and delivery more than 1000 […]

Impossible Target with Journey to 2:54 Marathon – an interview w/ Quy Nguyen

BV: First of all, congrats on your huge achievement at the Surf City Marathon, 2:54:42, pace 6:39/mi is an incredible time. Was that something you trained for and expected to achieve?  QN: Not expecting it come so soon, but my goal was to get there one day  BV: Tell us about yourself. Where were you […]

Xây dựng ngôi trường nhân ái trên mảnh đất Cao Bồ

Năm học 2019-2020, hơn 600 em học sinh Trường PTDTBTTH–THCS Cao Bồ, xã Cao Bồ, huyện Vị Xuyên được vui chơi, học tập trong ngôi trường mới khang trang, đẹp đẽ. Đó là kết quả của hành trình kết nối, sẻ chia,....


For many runners, a Boston Marathon qualifying time (a “BQ”) is the pinnacle of achievement in the sport. The Boston Marathon is known amongst the running community as the most iconic race experience a runner can have.