INAUGURAL 5k/10k race @ Almaden Lake Park

We are SJVRC, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization was established in September 2016 and consists of compassionate volunteers to raise funds for the unprivileged children throughout Vietnam and promote running within the Vietnamese community.  On this October 1, 2017, we are hosting our inauguration 5K and 10K Charity race, which is the first of its kind running event in Northern California for the Vietnamese Community.
The race welcomes and includes: from casual beginning runners to active elite runners with different fitness levels and running backgrounds and purposes. SJVRC primary goals are encouraging and fostering physical health; expanding community support and networking; and most importantly, raising funds to support orphanages – “One Mile 4 One Child.” Charity fund.
Runners will start from the beautiful Lake Almaden and traverse along scenic Los Alamitos Creek, turn around and finish at the greenery picnic area at the lake to enjoy the wonderful postrace treats and live music hosted by the famous Warren Baker of The Game Day and Singer Ngan Hanh.  This is a friendly event for the whole family and friends.
All participants receive a timing bib, tech T-shirt and finisher’s medal designed by the local artists.
Awards are given out to top 3  5K/10K males and females and top 3 5K/10K boys/girls.
All proceeds go to OneChild4OneMile charity fund, 501(c)(3)
Due to the safety of all runners, no dogs and strollers are allowed.

Bibs Pickup

Pickup location: Sports Basement @Campbell location
Address: 1875 S Bascom Ave #240, Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: (408) 899-5783
Date: Saturday, 9/30/2017
Time: 1pm-5pm

Photo ID is required. Race bib can be picked up by a friend or relative but photo copy of participant drivers license is required

Specials on BIB pickup day:
* All participants picking up their bib at sports basement will receive a 20% discount on all purchases.

*Sports Basement lifetime $25 membership fees will be waived for all SJVRC participants.

Race Day Schedule & Course

Race Day Schedule:
7:00 AM: Limited number of BIBs will be available for registration on morning of the race

Race Schedule:
8:00 AM – 10K starts
8:20 AM – 5K starts

Maps & Locations

5989 Winfield Blvd., San Jose, CA 95123
(Arroyo Picnic Area)

Parking Info

1.       Parking along Winfield Blvd is FREE
2.       Parking in the parking lot for Almaden Lake Park $6.00 (CC or exact change)
3.       Overflow Parking is located at Santa Clara Valley Water district offices is FREE

5750 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118
(short walk to the race start)

Refunds & Cancellation

All registration fees are non-refundable. This policy applies to all registrants whether you are injured, have an unexpected family/business emergency, have a medical emergency, etc. If the course has to be altered or canceled due to an act of nature, or the event time changed due to circumstances beyond our control, there are no refunds.


Volunteer Job Description

As a volunteer, take pride in your role! You are a part of one of SJVRC’s greatest inauguration race events!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

5989 Winfield Blvd. San Jose, CA 95120 (X street – Coleman &Winfield)

Please Report to the Information Booth to check-in at 6:30 a.m. on race day

This key of each role in volunteering is to do moral support and excitement! As runners travel the course, they may get fatigued; but with your smiling face and positive and cheering attitude, you will revive and give them a sense of empowerment and accomplishment!

General Requirements:

  • Your prompt arrival and completion of your shift are vital to the success. When you sign up, you commit to being present for that specific shift(s) during the entire length of that shift(s).
  • As a volunteer, take pride in your role! You are a part of one of SJVRC’s greatest events! Be reliable and responsible;
  • Communicate any issues or concerns which are likely to affect your volunteer duties;
  • Understand the role and do your duties as assigned and directed;
  • Accept advice and guidance from your assigned volunteer Captain;
  • Treat runners, guests, participants, other volunteers with the utmost courtesy and respect;
  • Comply with the policies of the park and SJVRC – not consume any alcoholic beverages or smoke during your volunteer shift, etc.;
  • There will be a lot of children so please do watch your language – profanity, criticism, and hate language are not acceptable;
  • Depending on race needs, volunteer assignments may be reallocated — please be flexible;
  • Our primary object is to focus on the runners during the race so please avoid from text/chat on your cell phone during your volunteer shift unless there is an emergency;
  • Our event will take place regardless of the weather. Please check the weather and dress accordingly;
  • If it is the day of your scheduled shift and you find you cannot make it, please be considerate and contact us at 650-333-4956, so we can adjust our roster.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask your assigned Captain if you need help and/or have questions or need more information; and
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to stay hydrated and have fun!

Set-Up Crew Captain: Dung Dang

  • Unload supplies to the appropriate designations;
  • Set-up tents, banners, tables, chairs, recycling bins, trash cans, etc.;
  • Be sure all the materials are safety and securely assembled;
  • Be alert of the surrounding materials and properly stored materials to ensure safety for everyone;
  • Report any unsafe activity to the assigned Captain;
  • Be sure to lift with your leg and not your back – see attachment for proper lifting technique; and
  • Do not attempt to lift anything heavier than you can; please ask for assistant.”

Registration Booth/Bib/T-Shirt Captain: Alissa Tran

  • Register new runners on race day;
  • Help participants retrieve their bibs and handle with any bibs issues;
  • Be sure the participants write emergency contact information in the back of their bibs;
  • Organize and handout race shirts;
  • Check off name on roll sheet to mark that bib and race shirt have been picked-up; and
  • Inform the runners to check back after the race for any race shirt exchange.

Information Booth Captain: Von Do – Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? — These are just a few beginning questions our runners have. Note: there is no gear check and SJVRC is not responsible for any lost item.

  • Help answer event-related questions and direct eager participants and spectators to the proper destinations;
  • Understand the general information;
  • Review the course map and general knowledge of all the key areas; and
  • Inform the runner that SJVRC is not responsible for any lost or misplaced item as necessary.

Video/Photo CrewCaptain: Henry Phan

  • Capture the race precious moments by using your technical expertise, creativity, editing and composition skills to produce an impactful story of the event using your video and photo cameras; and
  • Make pictures and videos available for SJVRC to use for marketing purposes to promote SJVRC.

DJ / Announcer Captain: Calvin Do – You are the voice of the event.

  • Work together to get the runners motivated and energized;
  • Keep the music alive throughout the race and read off the race results as the runners’ finish; and
  • Cheer the finishers.

Finish Line Captain: Tin Nguyen

  • Be the first to greet the runners when they finish their journey;
  • Reward the runners by giving them their hard-earned medal and water;
  • Keeping runners moving efficiently through the chute, directing runners to the post-race area where they can wait for loved ones;
  • Direct runners to medical, food, water, and pick-up goodies bag;
  • Keep spectators off the race course and out of the finishing area; and
  • Cheer on runners as they cross the finish line.

Water/Food Stations Captain: Cindy Ho

Note: Be sure to wear gloves when handling food and trashes.

  • Set-up and fill up ½ cup full water and have at easy reach for runners;
  • As runners pass by, shout what you are holding water and hand weary runners cup of water as they pass;
  • As you hold out cups to runners, hold cup at the bottom so runner can easily grasp cup from you;
  • Continue to pick-up paper cups that runners have discarded on the course to maintain safe and clear course for runners;
  • Set-up, refill, and organize food items for runners; and
  • Cheers the runners.

Medical Station: Captain: Han Bui

  • Provide emergency medical support to runners at finish line medical tent as needed.
  • Ensure there are proper medical supplies available for minor medical or First Aids treatments.
  • Be sure to ask for parent’s or guardian’s permission prior to providing any first aids treatment.
  • Call 911 for Emergency case.

Course Marshall Captain: Chi Lan – Our priority is to provide a safe course for our runners. Course

Marshall is responsible to position volunteers throughout the course usually at intersections and are responsible for directing runners at turns.

Bike Patrol Captain: Connor Thuc

  • Bike throughout the course to ensure that the volunteers are ready and in position prior to the race;
  • Be sure that the course is safe and ready for the race;
  • Patrol the course and report any potential injuries to the First Aids Station;
  • Radio information booth regarding any issues occur during the course;
  • Be sure that Traffic Cops are in position at intersections that are blocked or direct for traffic; and

Inform the Course Marshall and volunteers of the last runner so they can start cleaning-up.

Cheering Crew/Directing 5K and 10K Turning Points Captain: Paulina Le

  • Be a key player in keeping the excitement and momentum going on course;
  • Get up, get excited, and keep them moving;
  • Paint your faces, wear silly clothes — wear your team colors, make banners and posters with silly sayings;
  • Acting crazy, screaming, cheering, laughing — anything to bring out a smile on our runners faces!
  • Jumping with excitement is highly encouraged;
  • Directing 5K and 10K runners at the designated turn around points and cheering runners as they pass by; and
  • Use words of encouragement to cheer on the runners like “Good job!” “Keep going!” “Dig deep, you can do it!”

Clean Up Crew Captain: Dung Dang – When it is all said and done, and we must say good-bye to our great event until next year, we need volunteers to help tear down the start/finish line areas and the entire course.

Note: Be sure to wear gloves when handling food and trashes.

  • Repack supplies;
  • Tear down and load signs, tents, tables, chairs, boxes, etc.;
  • Cleaning trash from the surrounding area;
  • Help with all the last minute miscellaneous clean-up and clear out;
  • Be sure to lift with your leg and not your back – see attachment for proper lifting technique; and
  • Do not attempt to lift anything heavier than you can; please ask for assistant.

Your volunteer contribution during the race doesn’t just impact the people at the race, but the unprivileged children, so do it from your HEART!

210 N 4th Street, Suite 100 San Jose, CA 95112