SJRVC One Mile 4 One Child Charity Run YTD Achievement

EMPOWER – OneMile4OneChild 5K and 10K Charity Run registration increased over 40% since the inauguration race three years ago. We will continue to encourage and support 1000+ members to stay healthy by accomplishing walking/jogging/running/triathlon goals.

INFLUENCE – Create awareness of SJVRC’s mission to thousands of people all over the world to join hands finding solutions and giving the less fortunate children of Vietnam hope and opportunities.

RAISED – OneMile4OneChild 5K and 10K Charity Run fundraising net amount increased 50% totaling to about $90,000 during the past 3 years. Our 3rd Annual Charity Run 2019 raised over $34,000 net income with 650+ runners around the US. Inspired by SJVRC’s mission, we had virtual runners from PA, NJ, NC, TX, CO, FL, and WA participated in this year race. Furthermore, on Sunday, September 29, 2019, we will have about 300 registered runners in Vietnam participate in the OneMile4OneChild Charity Run and expect to raise another $3,000+ for the children.

DONATED – $40,000 had been donated to orphanages, schools, and remote villages to provide daily basic needs; medical necessity, and building schools. Our next Charity efforts will be focusing on remote areas of Vietnam, where the support is most needed. In addition, we donated $10,000 to different natural disaster relief efforts around the world.

OneMile4OneChild Foundation’s list of beneficiaries:

  • Ha Noi Community Center
  • Orphan House DaNang
  • Orphan Center DaNang
  • No name Orphan house in Dong Nai
  • Lop Hoc Tinh Thuong Lam Dong
  • Lop Hoc Tinh Thuong Dong Nai
  • Mai Am Dai An Orphanage
  • Nha Tinh Thuong Nha Trang
  • Hoc Tinh Thuong Cao Bo
  • Co Vi Vien Chua Pho Quang
  • Uu Dam Orphanage
  • P’rao Village
  • Loc Hoc Tinh Thuong Linh Son
  • Head of Surgery Hospital – Minh Phuc
  • Sur Maria del Rosario Orozco School Mexico
  • Lam Dong Orphanage
  • Saigon Orphanage
  • Fight hunger for children of Tunsia

SUPPORTED – SJVRC supported 2000+ of children in Vietnam and Mexico with food, medicines, medical procedures, refurbished laptops, clothing, school and general supplies.

We would like to express our gratitude to all who have been supportive of SJVRC Annual OneMile4OneChild Run during the past three years.  Thank you to our board and core members; our partners and funders; and committed members throughout the world!

Together, we will make greater impact – improve the quality and transform the life of the less fortunate children of Vietnam.