SJVRC 2nd ANNUAL ONE MILE 4 ONE CHILD 5k&10k Charity Run

Thank you for your participation and sponsorship to our 2nd Annual Onemile4Onechild Charity Run 2018!

Last year, our 2017 Onemile4Onechild Charity Run drawn over 400 runners and we raised over $13,000. We spent about $13,000 during the SJVRC August – October 2018 Charity Missions supported a total of thirteen orphanages, schools, and hospital. This year, our 2018 2nd Annual Onemile4Onechild Charity Run included over 600 runners nationwide. We raised about $39,000 and are planning to donate $30,000 to our 2019 Charity Mission. The $30,000 will cover several current and future projects that we are in the process of obtaining approval from SJVRC Board of Directors. Note that the remaining funds we raised in 2018 race, we have placed in reserve for various emergency charity supports throughout the year, i.e. natural disasters in Vietnam, unexpected hardship at existing approved orphanages, or newly identified orphanage that needs immediate assistance, etc. Below is the list of the current proposed 2019 Charity projects, which we believe will make the most positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate children.

1. Ha Noi Community Centers Annual support – $2,000

2. Uu Dam Orphanage Hue Vocational Building to be developed – $12,000

3. Lop Hoc Tinh Thuong Dong Nai – $4,000

4. Orphan House DaNang 8 newborns – $3,000

5. Orphan Center DaNang 6 newborns 18 Kids from 1-5years old – $3,000

6. No name Orphan house in Dong Nai – $6,000

We are excited and looking forward to SJVRC 2019 Onemile4onechild Charity race as we begin to plan for another successful race event with more participants, donations, and sponsorships. With ambitious goals and objectives for the 2019 race event, we hope with everyone’s continued support will provide us with a sustainable financial opportunity and ability to expand our charity support in new regions throughout Vietnam – Lam Dong, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, Quang Ngai, Phan Thiet, Vung Tau, and Mien Tay.

We would like to take another opportunity to sincerely THANK YOU for our Board and Core members; SJVRC members; participants; the overwhelming number of volunteers and sponsors; and our families for their endless support of our journey in helping the less fortunate children of Vietnam.

For Charity, For Fun, We Run!