SJVRC #Onemile4Onechild Annual 10k/5k Charity Run was an incredible experience combining fitness activity and the greater community of all ages. The morning was nonstop smiles and cheer. Looking forward to next year and the events continued growth!
Rich Tran Mayor of Milpitas City
In my profession, I see many operations unlike San Jose Vietnamese Running Club (“SJVRC”) that are full of discontent and disregard for shared/common goals. Seeing your staff truly teaming efforts in a pleasant atmosphere is my welcome mat for every visit.
Darlo Perez - Managing Director Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions USA, Inc.
I'm very impressed by the event and amazed at the quality of the medals (that even had the date printed on them). Thank you to the well-organized event to have a lead biker to be out there guiding runners! I will be back next year! Good job and Congrats to SJVRC.
Don Wang
SJVRC is destined to be the best-in-class non-profit organization in our Asian-American community. Your team members are self-motivated by virtue of living healthy lifestyle(s) and I witnessed first-hand the enthusiasm of each and every one of SJVRC crew…giving back to the community through volunteering and fundraising to support the less fortunate children of Vietnam.
Darlo Perez - Managing Director Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions USA, Inc.
Congratulations to the club on putting together a great event! Everything went very smoothly. Love the music! The shirts look cool and mine fits. Comfortable too. I especially want to say what a great job the course marshals did. Be Back next year! Good Job SJVRC
Brian Gunney
It has been my second year -and I'm sure it won't be my last one- participating in what I call ``the big family race``. Full of smiles and great attitude by all the runners, this charity race represents the true spirit of SJVRC: running for a mission and enjoy sharing a healthy lifestyle with the local community. The volunteers and race directors took perfect care of all the details! Long live SJVRC.
Juanjo Marron
“As an All American athlete on Team Topo Athletic, I was surprised to find the new OneMile4OneChild charity race exceeding all my expectations. Everything was world class—from the course, the prizes, the medals, the aid stations, the course markings, the crowd, to the DJ. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event! See you there!
Gerhard Brummer