Illuminating the Future with SJVRC’s ‘One Mile for One Child

Both non-profit organizations, aiming for real and lasting change in the lives of underprivileged young people in Vietnam, SJVRC and PNV intersect with a shared understanding and a desire to nurture the dreams of disadvantaged youth pursuing an educational path.
Recently, SJVRC has agreed to sponsor two full scholarships for the 2023-2026 academic program worth 462 million VND for two PNV26 students: Ho Ly Kim Sa and Ho Thi Duyen Ha, both from the Van Kieu ethnic group in Quang Tri province, which includes:
💙 Holistic training program 50% IT, 25% Soft skills, and 25% English
💙 2 internship periods in various enterprises: 2 months in the second year and 5 months in the third year.
💙 6 weeks of specialized training with PNV’s IT partner companies.
💙 Monthly allowance
💙 Dormitory costs
💙 Free access to learning equipment
💙 Health insurance
💙 Closely follow-up and support in personal and academic development
SJVRC 501(c)(3) – San Jose Viet Running Club was established to encourage its members to lead healthy lifestyles while creating opportunities for community service through volunteer activities and fundraising support.
PNV sincerely appreciates the sponsorship from SJVRC, which has made a significant contribution to the journey of realizing the dreams of these two female students. This support is a valuable opportunity that enables them to strive and study for a brighter future.
PNV also hopes for more kind-hearted individuals to join them on the journey of bringing information technology to underprivileged youth and working together to create a brighter future.


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